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Lady Forsyth

During my reign as Miss World International, I had the opportunity to visit Africa, a place where I met face to face with the devastating effects of extreme poverty. In one of my trips I visited a hospital, where I witnessed the harrowing scene of a father desperately mourning because he felt powerlessness for not being able to cover the medical expenses to operate his child. The image of this gentleman was engraved in my mind, so I decided to contact Mrs. Julia Morley, President of Miss World International at the time, and expressed my desire to help. witnessed how Mrs. Morley communicated with the Variety Club, who immediately organized a fundraising activity. The money raised was used to cover the cost of air transportation and medical treatment of the african boy. I understood that if the Miss World organization had the ability to mobilize their resources for the benefit of a minor, then it was my responsibility to use every one of my resources to rebuild the lives of those in need. Life has blessed me with unique and transformative experiences, with an extraordinary family and friends like you, whose generosity allows this Foundation to continue "Rebuilding Lives".

Thanks for being part of this dream.




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